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In the wild west waters of the 1970s, Alan Williams, a young fisherman from Victoria, bought his first commercial fishing vessel. It would not be the last. This is the story of Oban Ventures.

practices for a better future

A changing industry.

Half a century later, BC waters are the wild west no more. The Department of Fisheries and Oceans has established oversight and licensing with stringent conditions, regulations, and management which allow our industry to become more ethical and sustainable. Oban Ventures is a proud member of the industry, utilizing cameras, satellite feeds, audits, electronic log books, and many other forms of validation—every pound out of the water comes with accountability.

competition with collaboration

Sustainable fishing.

The individual vessel quota system helps the few and longstanding fishing companies here in BC’s waters to stay afloat more easily. With rules in place dictating how long we can tow for certain species, how large the holes in our nets can be, what we do with the wrong species, and how we share with competitors, we can prevent our waters from being overfished, ensuring their populations will still be here for generations to come.

"My father was very involved in the transition of the wild west to the quota system. And we're still benefiting from those Individual Vessel Quota systems he pioneered."

Family-owned for half a century

Taking the helm.

While Alan built his fleet (currently sitting at four large vessels) with the ultimate goal of providing for his children, his daughter Theresa, now steering the ship since 2009, does so with the goal of providing fish as a food source for her future generations. Having spent so many years on the water, she has seamlessly continued his legacy with the same care, integrity, and attention to detail her father inspired.

Providing jobs for generations

Crew first. Always.

From deckhands straight out of school to old salts who’ve had their sea legs for decades, our crew spans multiple generations, most hailing from nearby coastal island communities. Providing staff members with steady employment and a safe work environment is paramount. That's why we follow ISO best practices for safety and sanitation, and utilize best-in-class German-engineered equipment. We want our crews on each vessel to know we've got their back.

“Fishers know that strong science, good management that uses sensible regulations, and world-class sustainability practices are the foundations supporting our fisheries.”

Aquaculture farms

Supplying the demand.

In 2003, we expanded our operations to include aquaculture harvesting in addition to groundfish trawling on the open ocean. As a proud member of the BC Salmon Farmers Association, working with several companies that have farms of delicious, healthy salmon waiting for ethical pickup and processing has allowed Oban to schedule more reliable work for our crew, and provide fish all year round to consumers across North America.

Life at Oban is something else

Set sail with Oban Ventures.

Days are filled with incredible sunrises, the camaraderie of a tight crew, salty ocean spray in the air, and sharing a great meal after a day on the water. Oban Ventures is passionate about this industry, and we'll continue to push it forward and prove that it is possible to ethically harvest seafood for families across North America.

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